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Jetwing Fuselage Printing and Assembly

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Here's how to print and build the body.

jetwings completed parts explode view
All the bits

Instructions for setting up and printing the motor mount with timelapse footage.

Instructions for Printing the rear Fuselage

Complete printed components overview of all the parts for the Jetwing fuselage printing and assembly

Mount bonded to the center main spar
EDF motor mount

3D printed fan motor mount bonded to laser cut center spar section.

A view of the rear fuselage body over the motor mount and spar
Rear fuselage over motor and spar assembly

Rear fuselage bonded to mid fuselage with spar assembly and mount.

bonding forward ring to front fuselage
forward ring of fuselage intake

front fuselage with nose ring attached.

Conclusion: That is it for the fuselage! Check the main blog here for anything you may have missed, but at this point it's time to go fly! Feel free to reach out to us with any questions. We will attempt to clarify the construction blog including your input as much as possible.

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