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  • What licensing does my purchase of your models fall under?
    Upon purchase, a registered user of this site is granted personal use only rights for any product purchased on this site.
  • Can I share my purchased files with others?
    Please don't share our files. It is a violation of the use agreement.
  • What is the best filament for printing this plane?
    We recommend ColorFabb Lightweight PLA.
  • Are these models easy to print?
    Boats are not hard, but all of these models have quite a few parts. Airplanes are a bit harder because of the need to tune your specific printer. Check out our general 3D printing tutorials.
  • Why do you recommend the Ultimaker Cura Slicing software?
    In our experience it has the most functionality of any of the free versions of slicing software available. It's ability to create single wall prints is absolutely essential for the model airplane print projects.
  • What type of 3D printer do I need?
    The Spray Jetboat will require a larger print bed in the neighborhood of 300x300x400. It was designed specifically for the size of the Creality 10s Pro printer that we are currently running.
  • What Printer Settings Do You Suggest?
    Printer settings will vary by model and even part. Look up the video links and construction documentation support for each specific model and part.
  • What additional items will I need for the Spray Jetboat?
    See our Blog page on this subject.


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