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The Jetwing Parts List.

Updated: May 15

What you will need to complete this model:

Radio: This model requires at minimum a 3 channel radio system that can digitally mix the elevon servos for operation as elevators and ailerons. You will need throttle and 2 servo capability.

Receiver: A micro receiver compatible with your radio system.

Filament: The Batwing has been completely redesigned specifically for lightweight PLA filament. My current favorite is Colorfabb lightweight PLA, but I'm sure others will work. What will not work is anything else as you will have a tail heavy model. Wings are very CG sensitive. This entire model can be printed with less than a single roll.

Adhesive: Thin CA glue. Also I've used Gorrilla glue with success bonding the clear canopy to the canopy frame. CA will also work but tends to cause a haze on the canopy.

Tape: A very strong and clean gapless hinge for the elevons is created by using a thin strip of clear mailing tape and CA bonded. Additionally you may wish to use this or simple masking tape for temporary parts alignment prior to bonding 3D printed parts together.

Motor: I designed this plane around the Powerfun 50mm EDF ducted fan. You are going to want the 4S version.

ESC: Check with the motor spec's you chose but we used a 40 amp brushless ESC with BEC.

Battery: This plane requires two 2S LIPO batteries in the wings and wired in series to create the 4S required. Link to what we used: Battery box dimensions are 36mm x 107mm x 21mm.

servos: Two SG90 micro servos are required. See our link: Note that these are included in the optional kit.

Linkages: the elevons will require one ball linkage each due to the angle to the servo. This is what we used:

Screws: You will need a total of ten servo mounting screws. two are required for each servo, two for each battery bay lid, and two for the canopy.

Optional Kit: We are providing a kit that includes a clear vacuum molded canopy, laser cut spar sections, and a pre soldered wiring harness with deans connectors. and two sg90 servos. See Link:

Complete printed components overview


That is it for the Parts list! Check the main blog here for the next steps. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions. We will attempt to clarify the construction blog including your input as much as possible.

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