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Upper Wing Printing and Assembly

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Use this guide for printing and assembly of the upper wing of the Fokker DR1.

Inboard Aileron

Outboard Aileron

Aileron Assembly:

The image below indicates the two prints assembled together. Align the parts with a bit of masking tape to ensure they are exactly straight, then bond with thin CA glue.

Outboard wing:

Inboard wing:

Strut attachment:

Wing / Servo attachment:

Servo Installation:

This assembly was designed to use a micro servo SG90. At this stage it is best to install the servo into the assembly prior to bonding the assembly into the wing. Pay attention to the where the servo wire is located in the image below. It will run down the inside edge of the back center strut into the fuselage.

Full Panel Assembly:

The image below shows the complete assembly with center spar inserted. the spar center section on our model was a 24" basswood spar centered in the total wing assembly. then an additional segment is added to the outboard edge. A 2mm plywood support is added to the front only of the spar assembly just in front of the strut attachment.

Creating the left wing:

Simply rinse and repeat. Note that there are specific mirrored components for the center servo and strut support as well as outboard strut. They are not interchangeable. Both halves are to be bonded by the center rib using CA glue.



The parts print pre slotted for hinges of your choice. Our preference is to use Du Bro Nylon hinges but if you have the ability to print flexible filament hinges are included in the model files and will work just fine. The hinges should not be installed until after the model is covered. Clean away the covering material from the hinge slots and use a thick silicone adhesive squeezed into the holes. Then insert the hinge and clean any residue off the hinge.


That is it for the upper wing assembly! Check the main blog here for the next steps. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions. We will attempt to clarify the construction blog including your input as much as possible.

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