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The Lower Wing

Updated: Aug 26

Wing Attach Fittings:

Printing and assembly of the lower wing of the Fokker DR1

Print 1 copy of the "wingattachoutboardlowerright.stl using 100 percent infill.

Print 1 copy of the lgmountright.stl file using 100 percent infill.

Wing Panels:

Print the inside right wingpanel "lwinginboardright.stl"

Lightweight PLA

230C temperature

flow 65%

Infill 15%

Print the outside right wingpanel: "lwingoutboardright.stl"

Lightweight PLA

230C temperature

flow 65%

Infill 15%

Wing Attach Dowels

Print two copies of the "dowel.stl" file in 100 percent infill.

Slide a short section of 2mm carbon rod into these dowels for added support.

install the dowels on the leading edge of the the wing center section with CA glue.

Wing Spar:

The wing spar can be basswood or hard balsa. The dimensions are:

length 628.6 mm

6.45mm x 10.00mm

Note: if you cannot source this material at its full length, center a 530 mm length section through the wing assembly and add additional sections at the wingtips. Reinforce these sections on the front and back side with 2mm x 10mm plywood strips.

Creating the left wing:

Simply rinse and repeat. Simply use the mirror function in the Cura software to print mirror copies of all of the wing components as shown below. Both halves are to be bonded by the center rib using CA glue.


Check out our blog post on covering here:


That is it for the lower wing assembly! Check the main blog here for the next steps. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions. We will attempt to clarify the construction blog including your input as much as possible.

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