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The Cenewhoowhoo! Parts list.

Why the name? cuz it's got the whoowhoo!


You will need 4 motors. I designed the frame bolt pattern for Mamba 1408 motors.

Flight controller: The center frame mount was set for 20 mm mount configuration. You will need either an all in one board, or a stack with flight controller and 4 in 1 ESC to drive the motors.

Camera: I used a Runcam. something like this:

Antennae: I built the frame top to support this anntenna:

Video Transmitter: FPV is really no fun when you can't see the image.

Ideally one that fits the 20mm stack would be nice. Or you can 3D print a custom adapter. Try this:


Get as many as you need. these are my preferred ones:


2mm x 8 socket screws Qua. of 8.

2mm stack rubber donuts.

2mm standoffs.

2mm heat set inserts. - Qua. of 8.

2mm frame nuts - Qua of 4.

Motor mounts screws (should come with motor)

Battery strap.

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