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Mid Wing Construction

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

The printed parts and assembly of the mid wing.

Outboard Left Wing Panel:

The below image shows how the print should look. Ensure that you are laying the component flat on the build plate in the orientation shown. I do not use supports for these structures as your printer should be able to bridge the gaps in the webs just fine. It doesn't hurt to turn them on if you wish, you just be in for more cleanup post printing.

The image below is of the inboard mid wing panel. the same print settings apply here.

The next print for the mid wing will be the turtle deck cover as shown below.

Do turn on print supports for this item. It is printed separately from the inboard wing panel so that you have more ease of cleaning up these supports and inserting the supporting wing spar prior to adhering this on top of both inboard wing panels with CA glue.

We are now down to the wing support fittings. For both of these prints you will want to use 100 percent infill as they take much of the load and pressure. Regardless of which orientation you choose to print these you will need to turn print supports on. The already printed wing is rendered dark simply for clarity.

Inboard support shown below.

Outboard support shown below:

Now rinse and repeat. Everything exists in a mirrored state for the opposite wing. be especially mindful of the orientation and correct side for the wing strut supports as they is a correct left and right version and they do not interchange.

The final step is the spar. We tried and tried but in the end we couldn't engineer anything as strong or light - not to mention quick and easy as a wood spar. The prototype used basswood but a rigid balsa spar will do just fine. The measurements are 6.45 x 10 mm x 699.36 mm. We simply utilized a 24" available size and centered it through the wing assembly. We then added an additional section at each end and reinforced the spar at the front only with a 2mm strip of birch ply.

That is it for the mid wing assembly! Check the main blog here for the next steps. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions. We will attempt to clarify the construction blog including your input as much as possible.

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