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Fokker DR1 Horizontal Stabilizer and Rudder

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

. Print guide for the tailfeathers

If you are fortunate to have a larger format printer, you can print these items in only three parts, the horizontal stabilizer, elevator, and rudder. For the rest of us out there with print bed sizes maxing out around 220 x 220 we will do it in four parts as shown below.

Horizontal Stabilizer Right

Horizontal Stabilizer Left

Elevator Right

Elevator Left


Assembling the parts:

Our preference is simply to use a quick setting thin CA glue. A light sanding of the connected faces will help to ensure an even faster setting solid bond.


The parts print pre slotted for hinges of your choice. Our preference is to use Du Bro Nylon hinges but if you have the ability to print flexible filament hinges are included in the model files and will work just fine. The hinges should not be installed until after the model is covered. Clean away the covering material from the hinge slots and use a thick silicone adhesive squeezed into the holes. Then insert the hinge and clean any residue off the hinge.

The rudder hinge is printed into the rudder and back former of the fuselage. These two will mate up in final assembly. A small piece of music wire will serve as the hinge pin. simply slide into place and dab only a tiny amount of thin CA glue on the very bottom rudder side only to ensure it stays in place.


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