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Fandango Fan Boat Build Instructions

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

The projects start of simply enough. I set out to create a simple boat that was easy to print. Somewhere in the iteration phase - apparently about 80 so far I come to the realization that perhaps some assembly instructions would be in order as the parts list has grown somewhat.

This blog is where I'll post construction info of the Fandango fan boat. As a starting point, you can download a printable pdf exploded diagram of the image above

Download PDF • 1.84MB

Needed Parts list:

Some of these links are Amazon affiliate links. These are always of products we used and design the model around. There is no increase of price to you for using these links but the small commission we earn helps to offset the cost of hosting this site and developing models. It is greatly appreciated.

This boat uses twin counter rotating racing drone motors for propulsion. Why two? Because in the development process we discovered that these little motors have so much torque they will capsize the model. Counter rotating motors cancel each other out with the added benefit of double the thrust. We used Diatone 1405 motors on our prototype. They are becoming hard - expensive to find. This is a great alternative here:

You will need two bushless speed controllers. Verify your max amp allowable for your motors. This is a good lower amperage ESC. You will need two of them. If you over amp your motors you will burn up electronics.

Servo: One SG90 micro servos is required.

Battery: 3s 2500 MAH lipo.

Radio Transmitter and receiver. You will need a radio design for a car or boat, not an airplane. Any transmitter that is two channel or more is fine. I have used Radiolink transmitters with a good bit of success.

I highly recommend using a water proofing agent on your electronics. My choice is this Conformal Coating.

I really like the use of brass threaded heatset inserts for a more durable model. On this build 2.5 mm ones should work just fine.

Print Bed Orientation:

Hull Stern: See the image below. this boat has a raked rear stern. In order to print without using supports ensure that you orient the print so that the transom side is down. You can then use the "Lay flat" on the rotation fly out illustrated below to ensure it is flat to the build plate.

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