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Creality 10S Pro Linear Rail Upgrade Instructions.

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

We've put some miles on the 10s Pro. It was time to make it better. Here's how we did it.

In the pic above, you are seeing a bondtech ddx extruder with a BL touch sensor as well. Note that this upgrade will work on the original hot end and sensor with no changes this is just how our machine was set up at the time.

The Mounting Plate:

What you will have to change is the mounting plate just slightly. The stock plate has a top flange that needs to be cut off in order to keep its original print head position. Also the two top threaded holes that mount the stock fan cover will now be used as mounting points for the plate. Therefore they need to be drilled to allow a 3mm bolt to pass through. See diagram pic.

This is the only modification that is required to any existing parts on your printer. The hole at the bottom that formerly mounted your bottom wheel is no longer used. It can be removed or left alone as it is no longer in the way.

Linear Rail:

The linear rail system for the 10s Pro this system was designed for is the Reliabot 400 mm MGN15 linear rail guide with MGN15H carriage block. See this link:

Linear Rail Spacers:

Hardware: You will need 3mm T nuts as well as 3mm mounting screws no longer than 8mm to mount the rail spacers to your existing rail. You will need 3mmx15 or longer hex drive button head screws with flat washer and nylon locking nut to mount the spacer to the new linear rail. We printed only two of these spacers, but you can add as many as you wish along the length of the rail assembly. See illustration of rail spacers.

Parts to Print:

Printing instructions: 100 percent infill. Simple PLA is fine for this job.

Mounting the spacer:

The spacer is needed to provide exactly the space required from the linear rail to where your existing mounting plat originally was.

Printing instructions: 100 percent infill. you will need supports to be turned on as there are a few countersunk bolt holes that will require it. I suggest orienting the print so that the side facing the printer is printed face down.

Hardware: The spacer will be mounted to the linear rail carriage with (4) 3 mm x 10 hex drive button head screws. Your original mounting plate will then be attached to this spacer with an additional (4) 3mm x 10mm hex drive button head screws. Note, in each of these four locations I highly suggest using a 3mm heat set insert into your spacer. These are really easy to install and make for a durable long lasting part. Note that the mounting holes for your sensor are now serving double duty as mounting points also for the spacer to your original mounting plate. If you are using the original equipment sensor these will be mounted from behind into the sensor support block. If you have opted for a BL Touch type sensor they can be mounted from the front like the following image illustrates.

Congratulations you are now done! Install your hot end, fans, and other accessories just like before. You now have greatly improved the precision of what was already a really great printer.

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