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Don't tell anyone but this is actually my favorite model.  This project emerged from the Free Extra 300 mini profile plane on our website.  After hundreds of user downloads we decided to offer full fuselage version of this popular airplane.


The specifications for this plane are very similar to the profile version.  Same dimensions, same motor and controller, same battery, Almost the exact same wings with the exception of how the ailerons are controlled.  Check out the construction blog here for a complete run down of specifications.


Our goal for this series is 3 parts. 

  1. To keep the final flying weight under the FAA weight limit rules for having to register.  Our prototype is just under the limits of 250 grams.
  2. To print quickly:  This model can be printed entirely in the course of a single day.
  3. To print cleanly:  Lightweight PLA doesn't have to be a mess to print if you know how to design a body to optimise thin wall printing.  We think our models are the cleanest printing out there.  


This is a 3D Aerobatic capable airplane in a small package.  It is an incredibly fast and easy airplane to print and assemble.  Although it is not a trainer, with the specified flight controller it is really not a difficult plane to fly.  As your flying skills grow, this little model will grow with you.


Check out the first flight video here:  It's not much much but this thing is tiny!  My drone couldn't keep up!  By the way a like and subscribe couldn't hurt while your there.  hint hint.


Check out the complete construction blog for this great model here:



Mini Extra 300 3D Printable Plane

$18.99 Regular Price
$4.99Sale Price
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