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100% Free Mini Extra 300 Profile Plane

Ok so what's the big deal, they all are free now?  

Why yes, that's true but this litter bugger is the one that started all this free bidness anyway.  It has been downloaded all over the world on multiple websites that are far better at marketing than this one is.  So we thought we'd go all in.  Lord help us.


Introducing the Mini Extra 300 3D printed airplane.  What is it?  This is an aerobatic capable airplane in a small package.  It is an incredibly fast and easy airplane to print and assemble.  By fast we mean 1 day for all the parts.  Be up and flying tomorrow.  This is a fantastic introduction to 3D printed planes.  It is by no means a trainer however so print a few of them.

Make sure to preview the fully illustrated construction blog for the mini 300 here:

Review the specifications and parts list here:



100% Free Mini Extra 300 Profile Plane

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