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Extra 300 Profile Plane - 36" Wingspan

I had so much fun with the free Mini Extra 300 profile plane that we just had to make a bigger version.  While they may look similar, this is by no means the same airplane. 


What changed?  The entire spar structure has been beefed up and redesigned for 3D flight.  An additional servo was added so that each aileron has a dedicated servo.  We have added a steerable tailwheel, and enlarged the battery compartment to hold a 4s 2000 MAH battery.  The motor mount is redesigned for a much larger motor.  We set our test plane up with a 340 amp 2216 880KV motor.


Check out my spectacular flight and crash youtube footage here:  Perhaps I'm better at making them than flying them....    I Did manage to successfully fly it many more times.  On two seperate flights I flew it into two different trees.  Where were the cameras then?  While your there please give me a like and subscribe.  Puh puh puh puh pleaze?!!


Model Specifications:

wingspan: 924 mm (+- 36")

motor:  340 amp 1120 kv brushless

battery: 4s 2000 MAH

servos required: 4


Extra 300 Profile Plane - 36" Wingspan

$25.99 Regular Price
$4.99Sale Price
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