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Own the legendary World War 1 triplane flown by the "Ace of aces" the infamous fighter pilot Baron Von Richtofen - and Snoopy of course.


This stunningly beautiful model was designed from the ground up for 3-D printing on any printer with a bed size of 220 x 220.  The construction of this model looks like your grandfathers painstaking balsa wood creations but in fact prints as full assemblies that interlock together creating an airframe that is stronger than its predecessors yet equally as light.


The interlocking assembly helps to ensure success regardless of your model building experience.  This is a classic that will be flyable for years to come. 


Get started today!  Check out our construction blog here, and download our free wing test print.    Once your settings are dialed in, come backwhen you are ready to tackle the rest of this beautiful airplane and take to the skies.


Model Specifications:

wingspan: 843 mm (+- 34")

motor:  2200 kv brushless

battery: 3s minimum 4 s recommended

servos required: 4


Licensure:  Personal use only.  See FAQ on licensing here:

The Red Baron's Fokker DR1 3-D Printable RC Airplane

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