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This giant 3D printable Jetboat has been optimized for any printer with a 220mm x 220 mm x 250 mm you can now print this awesome boat!


The Spray.  It was the first vessel to ever Solo circumnavigate the earth with it's lone captain Joshua Slocum.  It took him over a year!  If only he had a big version of this boat. 


Actually that story has nothing to do with a model jet boat I just like the story and the name Spray seems quite fitting for a jet boat.  The design intent was to create a high powered jet boat that pushed the limits of what could be produced on an FDM printer.  


Our own prototype was built on the Creality 10s pro with a 300 x 300 by 400 volume capacity.  At over 900 mm in length is an assembly of three seperate prints along with supporting structures.  The end result is a really big, really fun boat!  Don't take our word for it. 

Check out our lake running video from our youtube channel here!  While your at it, a like and subscribe would be nice.  hint hint.


This boat was designed around a monster liquid cooled Gool Rc 4074 2000 kv brushless motor with the 40s cooling jacket.  We utilized a 6,000 mah. battery and insane Flycolor 120 A. liquid cooled brushless esc.


Spec's of this boat water ready are:

hull length = 927.25 mm.

Length overall =1012.5 mm.

Width = 218.28 mm.  

impeller diameter is 36 mm. 

This is at minimum a 3 channel boat as throttle steering and pitch are available with the jet drive designed for this boat.


Licensure:  Personal use only.  See FAQ on licensing here:


The Spray Jet Boat 3D Print model files

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  • 3-D printable stl files

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