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I'm sorry this is not available yet.  It is only included here because I'm terrible at website work.  When it is finally test flown I'll show it as in stock.


Coming soon, this is a serious model designed to maximize the strengths of 3D printing processes.  This model has CnC milled reinforcing parts in key structural areas as well as a vacuum molded canopy, fiberglass cowling, and wheelpants.  

This is a traditionally built up and covered model desgned for printing in PETG filament.  All parts interlock in a jig type assembly for accuracy and ease of construction.  Think of your printer as more of a 2.5D CNC sort of solution but instead of cutting you are printing highly intricate parts impossible by traditional CNC methods.  The parts are oriented to print quickly with the most strength and the lightest weight possible.  Once assembled you have a model that far exceeds the strength of a traditional 3D printed plane at the weight similar to traditional stick built style models.  

48" Wingspan 3D Printable Pitts Special

Out of Stock
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